Hello and welcome.

My name’s McKenzie. I’m a seasoned copywriter and brand strategist.

headshot-e1571228434220.jpgA love of storytelling inspired me to become a writer in 2010. Since then, I’ve accrued a dynamic mix of skills and experiences. I’ve worked for local entrepreneurs and global brands, writing for just about every medium. My approach is equal parts strategy and creativity, and I enjoy bringing fresh ideas (+fun!) to the conversation.

After graduating with an English degree during the peak of the recession, I went into business for myself as a freelance writer and marketer. During this time, I discovered I have a knack for finding the core of an idea and making it shine.

Eventually, I moved in-house and began working as a copywriter for the digital retailer Shop HQ. The rapid-fire pace of eCommerce taught me how to be succinct, persuasive, and quick. I wrote for just about every product under the sun, from bejeweled frog rings to expandable hoses. Sometimes ridiculous, always a blast.

Next came Fiskars, a design-forward consumer packaged goods company. As their senior copywriter, I successfully launch hundreds of products, from glittery kids’ scissors to shock-absorbing sledge hammers. I honed my ability to craft powerful stories, align players, and develop solid strategy.

Eventually, I joined the international brand consultancy Greenkern in Beijing. As a brand consultant, I consolidated massive amounts of research, composed the core messages of major reports, and helped present to a high-ranking external audience. I also got to study the fascinating nuances of the modern Chinese market.

An expat no more, I now spend my days in doll land as a senior copywriter at American Girl. My focus lies mainly with brand strategy, but I also get to do fun things like write for retail stores and the occasional catalog.

Take a look around to see some of my work – and email me at mckenzie@writtenarrow.com for more info.