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Discover the difference
Our designs support an impressive spectrum of activities, helping to amplify the ability and improve the experience of enthusiasts all over the world. From loppers to hammers to punches, we’re so much more than scissors.

Fiskars heritage

Fiskars heritage signage

Finland, 1649
Fiskars began as an ironworks in a tiny village on a river of the same name. Attracted to the area’s wealth of water power and forests, Swedish merchants began transporting iron ore across the Baltic Sea to the Fiskars foundry in 1649, where it was painstakingly smelted and forged.

A powerful current
Smelting ore in a blast furnace and forging steel in an open hearth required vast amounts of heat and effort. The Fiskars River’s current was harnessed with a water wheel to power the ironworks’ sizable bellows, furnaces and hammers.

Agricultural equipment Fiskars produced during the mid and late 1800s helped to modernize the industry, both locally and abroad. Eventually creating 40 different plough models and producing more than one million, one of Fiskars’ innovative designs earned an award at the 1860 St. Petersburg exhibition.

Exciting new directions
After years of iron and copper production, Fiskars was bought by Finnish pharmacist Johan Jacob Julin in 1822. Spurred by major global advancements in thinking and production, Johan shifted Fiskars’ production to found the country’s first fine foraging workshop. During this period, skilled smiths artfully made knives, forks and scissors.

Throughout the turn of the century, manufacturing breakthroughs and Fiskars’ indelible spirit of invention resulted in a continual evolution of product and brand. Improvements to steel refinement, the adoption of new materials and expansion have created a vibrant legacy of curiosity, quality, agility and purpose.

Fiskars village today


Keeping the artistry alive
Today, the village of Fiskars is home to a dynamic cooperative of artisans, craftspeople and designers with styles both classical and contemporary. A living extension of Fiskars’ heritage of invention and artisanship, this unique community serves as a creative haven for more than 100 artists from around the world.

An icon is born

Birth of the orange handles scissors signage

The revolution begins
No invention occurs in a vacuum. The upheaval of traditional design, the plastics boom, advancements in manufacturing and Fiskars’ spirit of innovation all converged to change the face of scissors forever.

The man, the movement
In 1967, Fiskars’ industrial designer Olof Bäckström created the world’s first plastic-handled scissors. Their pared-down organic aesthetic is typical of midcentury modern design.

Unexpected orange
In a twist of fate, orange plastic left over from creating electric juicers was used to make the first scissors samples. When it came to a vote, the unexpected orange beat out black, green and red.

Supper before scissors
Five years before creating the first plastic-handled scissors, Olof Bäckström reinvented tableware with the Fiskamin collection. From plates and bowls to marmalade jars, each piece was delightfully bright, light and durable compared to traditional ceramics.

Establishing an icon
In the early ’70s, Fiskars’ unique orange scissors made their way into the hands of home seamstresses across the United States. Their unbeatable lightness, ergonomics and performance made them a fast favorite, while their timeless aesthetic earned them a spot in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection.

Breaking new ground
The success of these new, unexpected scissors in the United States sparked tremendous growth. Demand was so high that Fiskars expanded its manufacturing capabilities.

Quality lives on

Evolution of the orange handled scissors signage

The evolution continues
Since their introduction, over one billion orange-handled scissors have been sold around the world. The spirit behind their pioneering design continues to steer the course of our innovation, inspiring breakthroughs in tool functionality, ergonomics, quality and style.

Built to endure
Nobody gives our tools a tougher time than us. Each design goes through rigorous quality and performance testing before it ever leaves our lab. This ensures that consumers have a positive experience using our tools, year after year. We stand behind this promise with a full lifetime warranty.

Useful by design
From ideation to prototypes to packaging, a truly useful product begins and ends with the consumer. Authentic conversations with users and advanced ergonomic insights allow us to better support consumers as they enjoy the activities they love.

Design ethos


All things, even the simplest, can be made better and smarter®
From immersive consumer interviews and collaboration with pros to careful segmentation and ergonomics research, we study before we create. This holistic philosophy is called human-focused design, and it results in tools that outperform the competition and feel like a natural extension of your body.

Amplify® Shears

“Cuts like butter” –Melvin & Faith

When crafters and sewers became more adventurous in their projects, their tool needs also expanded. Taking to the lab, our engineers developed powerful Amplify® Shears, which feature a unique torsion bar that prevents blade separation to make cutting thick materials easier.

StaySharp® Max Reel Mower

“An excellent choice” –S.L. Matteson

Our products look a little different because they’re designed to function in ways that expand what’s possible. Inventive in both design and function, the impressive experience and results of our StaySharp™ Reel Mower have redefined what it looks like and feels like to be green.

Extreme Performance Axes

“a revolutionary tool” –W. Cullina

Our designs meet high quality and performance standards to ensure that they last through the years and do more than just work — they need to outwork the competition. Virtually indestructible, the advanced blade geometry and shatterproof construction of our axes have made them a category leader and global favorite.

Squeeze Punches

“Still the best” –Carolyn

When we learned that crafters were struggling with soreness and limited hand strength, we worked to develop solutions that improve usability. Many of these tools, such as our Squeeze Punches, have earned the Arthritis Foundation’s Ease of Use℠ Commendation for their game-changing ergonomics.

IsoCore™ Striking Tools

“Your toolbox is hopelessly inadequate without one” –Fast Company

Before reaching your toolbox, every design undergoes rigorous testing and validation. Our engineers spent two-and-a-half years developing the IsoCore™ Shock Control System, graphing the speed and force of hammer swings and recording images to better understand human motion.

PowerGear® Pruning Tools

“Ingeniously designed gardening tools” –core 77

Every tool we create is designed to help you work better and smarter. To apply this approach to garden tools, the Fiskars design team leveraged advanced ergonomics, materials and mechanics. The resulting PowerGear® tools give the user 3X more power during garden cutting tasks.

Consumer passion statements

Consumer passion statement signage 2

Roll up your sleeves, gather the fixings and get to work. Whether or not the new recipe’s a keeper, there’s great company, conversation and adventure to come.

It doesn’t take much to spark the imagination of a child. Once engaged, their endless curiosity takes hold, leading them on a journey rich with discovery, thrill and growth.

Party & paper crafting
There’s a magic in making it yourself. Each project is a chance to get lost in the moment, take pride in your potential and share joy with the people you love.

Sewing & Quilting
It starts with inspiration. From there, simple materials are patiently transformed into cherished items that make the world a little more vibrant, loving and soft.