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Intimina Announces Arrival in France at Pharmagora

Global leader in intimate well-being offers French women new options in feminine care

Paris, France—April 2013: Intimina, the first brand to address the full spectrum of intimate wellness issues, announces the unveiling of its complete collection of women’s intimate wellness products at Pharmagora, the leading pharmaceutical expo held in Paris. The exciting event corresponds with the Sweden-based brand’s launch in France and extends the success it has already enjoyed in the US and Spain. All of Intimina’s innovative products, spanning from menstrual care and pelvic floor health to daily intimate wellness, will be on display April 6-8 at booth E12/F11. Intimina’s presence in France is expected to revolutionize the country’s intimate wellness market, thanks to the practical and effective nature of its high quality, medically-informed products.

The success of Intimina’s groundbreaking products relies greatly on its rigorous gynecologist and dermatologist testing program, along with the insights of a team of top-rated health experts on its Medical Advisory Board. Everything created is intended to complement the body’s natural balance and reflects the brand’s mission of providing the most reliable collection of information and products for today’s woman.

Two Intimina Items Sure to Steal the Stage:

  • The Laselle™ Kegel Exercisers: Featuring 100% body safe silicone, Laselle™ Kegel Exercisers help women quickly and comfortably recover and improve pelvic floor muscle strength through a personalized, progressive routine. Laselle™ gives women a superior option for preventing and overcoming incontinence, and provides a welcomed alternative to treating symptoms with pads or pantiliners
  • The Lily Cup™: The most intelligently designed menstrual cup ever created, the Lily Cup™ is ultra-soft, reusable, made from medical-grade silicone and offers a full 12 hours of leak-free, eco-friendly menstrual protection

The company’s distinct feminine care solutions will be sold exclusively in reputable outlets and major pharmacies, as well as online through Intimina’s website.


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About Intimina

Here at Intimina, we believe that a woman’s intimate well-being requires special attention and care. Our mission is to bring women a single brand they can rely on to provide tasteful, safe and practical products for all of their feminine needs. Gynecologist supported and created exclusively for pharmacies, we are dedicated to providing solutions in feminine care as the world’s only completely inclusive intimate wellness brand.